A number of new displays can be seen around the Ground relating to matches or events here at Lord’s. A full list of displays for this year can be seen below.

Rosemary Taylor: The 1975 Ashes Series
Museum First Floor, 3 April 2018 – 1 March 2019

ResizedImageWzY2MCw4MTBd R Taylor
Doug Walters Bowling, The Ashes, 1975 by artist Rosemary Taylor

Rosemary Taylor’s Cricketer Series was painted entirely from analogue terrestrial television recordings of the Ashes series held in England in 1975. The dynamic movement of the fast bowlers captivated Taylor’s imagination and she set about translating the action transmitted through the television set onto the static two-dimensional canvas. In effect she was painting the quickly displaying scan images that created the illusion of smooth, fast motion. Her paintings capture the late 20th century television audience’s experience of cricket, an experience vastly different from what spectators in the pre-television age and what digital TV audiences observe today.

Pavilion Rehang, 9 March 2018

ResizedImageWzY2MCw1ODBd Pavilion re hang 3 CS
Specialist picture hangers move the Muttiah Muralitharan portrait

The Committee Room and Writing Room have been rehung and are defined by chronological periods. The former is hung with some of the Club’s finest 18th century pictures: The Mason Brothers of Harrow School by Henry Walton, flanked by Thomas Hope by Jacques Sablet and Cricket in Mary-le-bone Fields by Francis Hayman. The Writing Room in contrast favours Victorian pictures that complement the magnificent panorama of Lord’s by Sir Robert Ponsonby Staples. Outside the Writing Room, the focus shifts to the Edwardian era and is centered on the equally wonderful scene of Kent vs Lancashire at Canterbury, 1906 by Albert Chevallier Tayler, which is generously loaned to MCC by the Andrew Brownsword Art Foundation.