Cricket Society & MCC Book of the Year

The award was instituted by the Cricket Society in 1970 and has been held in partnership with MCC since 2009, culminating each spring in a special Awards evening in the Long Room of the Pavilion at Lord’s. It is highly regarded by authors, journalists and publishers and was described by former winner Scyld Berry as ‘cricket’s literary seal of approval’. 

ResizedImageWzY0MCw1MDBd Previous winners
A selection of previous winning books

Nominations for the award can only be made by Members of MCC or the Cricket Society; neither authors nor publishers are permitted to nominate their own work. To be eligible, a book must be in English, be comprised largely of original work and a significant amount of its content must be about cricket. It must also be generally available, either through bookshops or online outlets, in the UK.

The panel of judges comprises two nominated by MCC, two by the Cricket Society and an independent Chairman. The current judges are:

  • Vic Marks (Chairman)
  • Chris Lowe (Cricket Society)
  • John Symons (Cricket Society)
  • Mike Selvey (MCC)
  • Robert Winder (MCC)

Geoff Lemon
2019 Winner - Geoff Lemon (pic by Graham Morris/Cricketpix)

Some of the recent award winners are listed below, but for a comprehensive list dating back to 1970 please visit the Cricket Society website.