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Chandra Nayudu interviewed by David Rayvern Allen

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1 CD: 32 minutes 51 seconds
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David Rayvern Allen Audio Archive (MCC/AAL/3)
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1 CD, Chandra Nayudu, daughter of C K Nayudu, interviewed by David Rayvern Allen. The CD consists of 6 tracks.

Track 1: [0:00-0:32] Introduction by Rayvern Allen, [0:33-0:54] Nayudu and Rayvern Allen talk about meeting the night before, [0:55-2:16] Nayudu talks about the All-India tour of England in 1932 and C K Nayudu captaining India in its first ever Test Match, [2:17-3:16] Rayvern Allen and Nayudu talsk about C K Nayudu's batting qualities, [3:17-3:53] Nayudu talsk about what her father was like as a man, [3:54-4:27] Nayudu talks about what Indian cricket was like in the 1930's.

Track 2: [0:00-1:05] Nayudu talks about her father's role in the Indian team, being intermediary between the Maharaja's and the players, [1:06-1:53] Nayudu talks about cricket becoming part of the family, [1:54-2:03] Nayudu and Rayvern Allen talk about pentangular and triangular tournaments, [2:04-3:21] Nayudu talks about how her father became interested in cricket, [3:22-5:30] Nayudu talks about her C S Nayudu and when she became aware of their cricketing abilities during Ranji Trophy matches.

Track 3: [0:00-0:41] Nayudu talks about playing women's cricket and leading the first Uttar Pradesh women's team, [0:42-1:05] Nayudu talks about preferring batting to bowling and not remembering her scores, [1:06-2:30] Nayudu talks about her father playing his last first-class match at the age of 63, [2:31-4:07] Nayudu talks about her father being on the Indian selection committee and being a commentator and Bobby Talyarkhan.

Track 4: [0:00-8:37] Nayudu talks about being the first female commentator and commentating on the MCC tour of India 1976-1977.

Track 5: [0:00-1:21] Nayudu talks about commentating on the England tour of India 1979-1980 and the reactions of BBC staff, [1:22-2:18] Nayudu talks about Australia claiming to have to have the first female commentating which was corrected by K N Prabhu, [2:19-2:49] Nayudu talks about retiring as a commentator, [2:50-3:16] Nayudu talks about doing radio and television commentary, [3:17-4:08] Nayudu talks about never having the opportunity to commentate in England but visited England in 1982 for Golden Jubilee Tests and bringing her father's bat with her with which he scored a century at Lord's.

Track 6: [0:00-1:14] Nayudu struggles to remember the name of an England cricketer she met in 1982 who struck Nayudu on the chest with a delivery, [1:15-3:07] Nayudu talks about her father getting struck on the mouth by a cricket ball, [3:08-3:54] Nayudu talks about her father passing away, [3:55-4:08] Closing remarks.

A back-up copy of this CD is included.
Chandra Nayudu
David Rayvern Allen
India Cricket Team
Cottari Kanakaiya Nayudu
Maharaja of Porbandar
Nanik Amarnath Bharadwaj
Cottari Subbanna Nayudu
Ardeshir Furdorji Sohrabji Talyarkhan
K.N. Prabhu
Ernest William Swanton
Raj Singh Dungarpur
cricket in India, India in England 1932, captaincy, captains, Indian cricket, Ranji Trophy, women's cricket, Commentators, MCC in India 1976-1977, England in India 1979-1980
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1 CD: 32 minutes 51 seconds
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