The MCC Library contains the world’s largest and most comprehensive collection of books and publications dedicated to cricket.

Spanning over 20,000 titles from the latest books and magazines to rare editions and pamphlets from the game’s earliest days, the Library is an invaluable resource for authors, researchers and journalists.

ResizedImageWzY2MCwzODhd Books for Neil
Books related to a talk by Stephen Chalke, 2018

As well as a complete set of Wisden Cricketers’ Almanack, the collection also includes the only known complete set of Britcher’s Scores and many other items of a rare and precious nature.

Many works on other bat and ball games are also featured in the collection, most notably on real tennis, a sport with which MCC has a long association.

The collection is currently growing at a rate of approximately 400 volumes per year with new items arriving from all over the world covering all aspects of the game and its history.

Where possible, the MCC Library also seeks to enhance the collection by acquiring old and rare works second hand.

Donations of new books, particularly privately published works, are welcomed from authors and publishers.

Access to the Library

While the MCC Library operates as a private library for MCC Members on match days, the Library is open by appointment to researchers on non-match days throughout the year.

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A researcher working in the Library

Library staff will be happy to assist researchers during their visit. Please contact us to make an appointment and advise us of your area of research.

We are also happy to answer cricketing enquiries from the general public by email, letter or telephone, but customers should be aware that such enquiries cannot always be answered quickly.