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Women's Cricket Evolution
MCC Museum, April 2020

This exhibition explores the history and the development of the Women’s Game from rustic beginnings to the World Cup Final win at Lord’s in 2017.

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Jenny Gunn holding the Jack Hayworth Trophy (the Women’s World Cup between 1973-2005), 2017

Despite MCC's remit to keep a thorough record of the Game, significant gaps appear in the MCC Museum on the subject of Women’s Cricket. This exhibition has been set-up to fill these gaps via purchases, donations and loans with the aim of creating a through record of the Game for the learning, enjoyment and inspiration of all.

Special thanks go to the late Baroness Heyhoe Flint who helped initiate a project to collect items related to Women’s Cricket together with historian and author Isabelle Duncan. Extended thanks go to the former players for sharing memories as part of the Women’s Oral History Project and those who kindly donated personal items. Thank you for helping us tell your stories thus far. Please contact exhibition curator Charlotte Goodhew for further information or to get involved.

The Women’s World Cup tournament was created by former England Women’s Captain Rachael Heyhoe Flint (1939-2017) and philanthropist Sir Jack Hayward (1923-2015). The tournament predated the men’s competition that began two years later in 1975.