Our projects

One of the main aims of the MCC Museum is to preserve the collection for the benefit of future generations. The collection is monitored for multiple detrimental factors and risks mitigated as far as practicable. 

ResizedImageWzY2MCw0NDBd IMG 9464
Father Time underwent conservation after being damaged in high winds and is shown here being re-installed, May 2018

MCC employs specialist external conservators and mount makers to ensure that objects are repaired to the highest standard and displayed safely and sympathetically.

Before the Pavilion re-hang, A Portrait of the Mason Brothers, Harrow School by Henry Walton was restored by Hamish Dewar Ltd and, after the terrible winter weather, Father Time made a trip to Plowden & Smith Ltd for some major surgery. Thanks to a generous bequest by R.C.A. FitzGerald a number of rare books have been re-bound by Temple Bookbinders. For the Tours exhibition in 2018, Janet Wood, Historic Textile Conservator, made and fitted bespoke mounts to enable us to display the Victorian cricket dress of Molly Beckenham.

ResizedImageWzY2MCw0NDBd Bookbinders CS 007 002
Book binding, 2014

On site we have staff that can advise on caring for memorabilia in a domestic setting or help to find an appropriate conservator.

As the largest collection of its type dedicated to cricket in the world MCC is often asked about conservation of particular items. Whilst at present we do not have extensive advice on-line we are able to assist in certain circumstances; please email mcclibrary@mcc.org.uk in the first instance.

ResizedImageWzYwMCw0MDBd paint
Painting restoration, 2011

We do hope to be able to publish advice via the website at regular intervals in the future.