The committee is one of the five principal committees of MCC (the others being Estates, Finance, Cricket and Membership). Committee members are selected for their particular skill sets with regard to forthcoming projects and must be Full Members of the Club. Each committee member is designated a three year period, standing down for at least one year, before becoming eligible for nomination once again. Committee discussions centre on heritage strategy in the context of the wider aims of the Club.

An Arts & Decorations Sub-Committee was minuted in 1939 but in 1945 it changed its name and the Arts & Library Sub-Committee was inaugurated.

It was charged at that time with the improvement of conditions for the display of the collections `for the benefit of both members and the public’ to create wider interest in cricket history and `to assure prospective donors of the care and attention that would be paid to their gifts`.

Furthermore it was considered that an enduring memorial to those killed in the war might be accomplished by the establishment of a building with just such functions, and consequently `undoubted educational and cultural value’.

The Imperial Cricket Memorial Gallery was opened in 1953 with Diana Rait Kerr as its first curator.

The library at this time was housed in the Pavilion but was relocated to its current position in 1986.

The archive found a permanent home adjoining the museum in 2006.

The committee has been chaired by:

Lord Cornwallis
Harry Altham
Sir Oliver Leese
Michael Sissons
Sir Cyril Hawker
Henry Wyndham

Its members have also included (amongst others):

Earl of Lucan
Sir Pelham Warner
Evelyn Rockley Wilson
Sir Jeremiah Colman
The Hon GW Lyttelton
Sir Oliver Millar
Lord Caccia
Sir Tim Rice
Desmond Eagar
Christopher Martin Jenkins
Lord Alexander of Weedon
Lord Robert Fellowes
Alastair Lack
E.W. Swanton
Ian Peebles
Ion Trewin
Neil Stratford
Gerald Howat
George Plumptre
John Woodcock
Henry Blofeld
Lord Chadlington