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MCC Postcard Collection

The MCC Postcard Collection was acquired by the Club in 2015 and contains over 20,000 postcards and trading cards dating from the late 19th century up until the present day. The collection consists of a wide range of cards from international publishers to rarities published by local companies. The collection contains excellent examples of a wide range of themes including individual and team portraiture, major and minor cricket grounds, school cricket, humour, advertising, cartoons and illustrations. Many of the older cards contain cricket-related messages providing an insight into cricket at the time.


The Napier Collyns Collection

The Napier Collyns Collection was donated to the club by notable collector Napier Collyns, assembled over 50 years of collecting. The whole collection consists of over 20,000 cigarette and trading cards and stickers with the oldest known card within the collection dating from 1896. The collection contains a wide range of styles including photography, cartoons, caricatures, club crests, illustrations, gaming cards and modern trading cards. Numerous cards have biographies on the reverse providing insight into contemporary views of cricketers and the development of their careers over time. The collection contains many sporting non-cricket cards including football, rugby, golf and racing.